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2019 Fall Seed Wheat & Fertilizer Blending Prices
Seed Treatment Products:
Sativa IMF Symbolite Max  5oz/100wt                            $5.00/100wt
Cruiser Maxx Vibrance 5oz/100wt                                 $5.45/100wt
Sativa M2F RTU 5oz/100wt  (fungicide only)                  $2.72/100wt
Senator 600 FS 2oz/100wt  (insecticide only)                 $3.23/100wt
Impress (added to all treatments for adhesion)              $0.96/100wt
Growth Stimulator:
Triad 4oz/100wt                                                           $4.10/100wt
Dry Phosphorus Fertilizers:
12-40-0+6.5%S+1%zn                                                 $485/ton
11-52-0                                                                       $440/ton
Blending Charge                                                           $.41/100wt
*We also have many other liquid and dry micro nutrients available.*

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